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Geoflora Organic Nutrients for Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis growers can approach plant nutrition from two distinct directions: conventional or organic. Conventional fertilizers, a.k.a. chemical fertilizers, are nutrients that have been created or refined in a laboratory. Many of these fertilizers are byproducts of the petroleum industry or derived from industrial waste. Conventional fertilizers are typically in a form that is immediately available to the plant. In other words, the nutrients contained in conventional fertilizers do not require microorganisms to “break them down” and can be absorbed by the plant’s roots as soon as they are fed to the plant. Conversely, organic fertilizers are comprised of naturally occurring organic compounds that require the aid of beneficial microorganisms to help break them down “ into a form that can be absorbed by the plants. Organic fertilizers tend to be combinations of various materials that result from industries dealing with live animals and plants that would otherwise become waste.   More…

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