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PMG March-April Cover Story

Nova Biomatique’s Intelligent Growing Systems

Complete control over a growing environment is what every indoor cannabis horticulturist seeks. After all, it is the heightened control over environmental factors that gives indoor gardeners an advantage over outdoor gardeners. Environmental factors, such as lighting, nutrition, and atmospheric conditions, all play crucial roles in cannabis plant development. After proper lighting and nutrition for the cannabis plants, the atmospheric conditions are next in line as the most influential factors over a cannabis garden’s performance. The temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration of the grow room all have important functions in the process of photosynthesis. This is why cannabis horticulturists equip their gardens with various devices to help maintain proper temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. In order to increase efficiency, a cannabis grower may choose to automate these devices with the help of an atmospheric controller.  More…

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