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Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network Member Profile on HARDCAR

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Company Name


Year Business Started


Total Number of Employees

30 Including Level C

Company Information

1775 East Palm Canyon Drive Ste 110-362
Palm Springs CA 92264
P – 833.2GO.HARD (833.246.4273)

Key Personnel

Todd Kleperis – Co-founder and CEO
Salvatore Moccia – COO
Jeff Breier – Co-founder and CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer)

Company Products and/or Services

HARDCAR is an award-winning company and long-time contributor to the cannabis industry, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships with businesses and government officials. With leadership roles in the nation’s top cannabis associations, groundbreaking advocacy meetings with government officials, and unprecedented partnerships with credit unions, the company has established viable banking services for cannabis companies all across the United States.

From Cash In Transit (CIT) to Cannabis Distribution, Cannabis Banking, Secured Cannabis Storage, Cannabis Financing, and Cannabis Transport, HARDCAR has all aspects of the cannabis market covered while continuing to reinforce compliance and public safety as the industry grows.

Products & Services that are Unique to the Cannabis Industry

HARDCAR is the nation’s largest armored carrier of cannabis cash, with more banking partnerships than any other company in the US (10 total). The company currently operates in 11 states with more coming on board in the near future. Over the last three (3) years, the award-winning company has led the industry with banking innovations. As the leading secured logistics provider and distributor of cannabis cash, the company’s extensive experience and focus on public safety and compliance helps to ensure positive growth within the industry.

In addition, 100% of our agents are highly trained military and law enforcement veterans who know how to operate clearly and stay calm under intense conditions. We are the only company in the US that provides armored vehicles and trained agents at this level, ensuring the safety of our client’s assets.

How has the Cannabis Industry Changed in the Last Several Years?

The cannabis industry is ever changing as new states legalize its use, new businesses come on board and regulations change. With the addition of numerous states going either medicinally and/or recreationally legal since 2014, public safety, banking, and other factors are forcing the federal government to take a serious look at legalization. Once federally legal we will see massive growth in a number of areas and more regulations coming on board. In addition, now that case studies are being released on the use of cannabis for physical and mental symptoms like PTSD, autism, cancer, and chronic pain, there is massive swing in public perception as to the use of cannabis.

What Changes do you See Happening in the Cannabis Industry in the Next Several?

The cannabis industry is booming and there’s no slowing it down. We’re talking about an industry that if fully legalized by 2030 could reach $75B in the US (Cowen & Co) and by 2025 could reach $147B internationally (Grand View Research). Public safety will continue to be a concern as new states become legal and the black market slowly dissipates, so from our standpoint the safe and secure transport of both cash and product will be very important.

In addition, consumers will start using the medicine in different ways with more of an understanding of the dosage and effects. We’re already seeing the diversion away from smoking flower to consumption of concentrates though edibles, infused drinks and even pill forms with perfectly weighed out dosages of THC and CBD/CBG. As more studies are done there will be more medicinal uses and change in public perception, moving away from the consumption and use of alcohol, tobacco and opioids.

When and Why did Your Company Join CVCAN?

Our home base is in Desert Hot Springs and we believe that CVCAN is a productive voice for the cannabis industry in Coachella Valley through innovative and effective programs in development, operations, regulations and outreach.

The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network (CVCAN) is an organization that provides a responsible and productive voice for the cannabis industry throughout the Coachella Valley. Our innovative programs and events, foster networking and important information in the development, operations, regulations and outreach. For more information visit

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