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Grotab Front Cover ImageITALPOLLINA is a world leader in the production of organic fertilizers, biostimulants of vegetal origin, and beneficial microorganisms. A comprehensive and diversified catalog is available in more than 60 countries worldwide and offers a wide range of innovative solutions for modern and sustainable agriculture. Our principles are alimentary and environmental safety.


Our mission is to provide farmers with safe and efficient fertilizers for all nutritional requirements. We do this with respect to the environment and human health.


Due to the quality of the raw materials, technologically advanced manufacturing systems, and stringent internal controls, Italpollina’s fertilizers ensure:

  • Maximum fertilization efficiency
  • Improvement of plant nutrition
  • Increase of yield and quality
  • Respect for the environment and the health of users

What is GROTAB™?

GROTAB™ is a comDigpressed organic compound with added bio-stimulant properties. The main concept behind GROTAB™ is simplicity teamed with effectiveness. It is designed to be placed under the roots of a freshly transplanted plant. The GROTAB™ compressed tablet is fast-acting; in about three minutes, GROTAB™ can absorb three times its weight in water. What really makes GROTAB™ so special is the multiple benefits it provides. GROTAB™ is a three-in-one product; once the tablet expands, it will give the plant(s) the beneficial microorganisms Trichoderma and mycorrhizae while also providing a time-released, balanced fertilizer.


TrichodermDropa are specialized fungi which feed on other, usually pathogenic, fungi. Trichoderma release chitinase enzymes which break down chitin. Many pathogenic fungi’s cell walls are made primarily of chitin. The chitinase enzymes released by Trichoderma microbes eat away at the pathogenic fungi and, in turn, protect the plant’s roots from being attacked. Trichoderma have gained a reputation among indoor horticulturists and greenhouse growers as a soil pathogen preventer.

Trichoderma also release another enzyme called cellulases that are beneficial to horticulturists. Cellulases can aid in breaking down organic material in the soil and converting it into readily available nutrients for the plant. Cellulases also have the ability to penetrate the cells in the plant’s roots. When cellulases penetrate the root’s cells, the plant’s natural defenses are automatically triggered. The plant’s metabolism is stimulated, but no real harm is done to the plant. In this regard, Trichoderma can be considered to have a synergistic relationship with the plant. The Trichoderma feed on sugars secreted by the plant’s roots and the plant receives a heightened resistance to pests and pathogens. The particular proprietary Trichoderma Atroviride strain used in GROTAB™ stimulates plant development and is compatible with most common insecticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.


PlantThe symbiotic relationship between mycorrhizae and the plant’s roots may be the most important relationship in horticulture. Essentially, mycorrhizae fungi become an extension of the root system and further its reach into the depths of the soil. This extension broadens the plant’s access to vital nutrients. The extending web of mycorrhizal fungi assimilate nutrients for the plant and, in return, the plant’s roots secrete sugars or carbon for the fungi to feed on. Like the Trichoderma, it is the enzymes produced by mycorrhizae fungi that make this microbe such an asset to the plants. The enzymes released by mycorrhizae dissolve otherwise hard-to-capture nutrients, such as organic nitrogen, phosphorus and iron. Although there are many mycorrhizae formulations on the market, they are not all created equally. The two strains of arbuscular mycorrhizae (Glomus intraradices and Glomus mosseae) found in GROTAB™ are some of the most unique forms of mycorrhizae available.

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