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Plant-Success-new-just-roots-185x137Plant Success Premium mycorrhizae is the industry standard for indoor and outdoor gardening. In nature, mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with over 90% of the world’s plants, so most likely plants in your garden will benefit. The fungi, once applied, germinate and become an extension of the root system. The mycorrhizae enhance the release of previously unavailable nutrients and water.

These fungi are extremely sensitive and need a host plant to survive. If your soil has been tilled, compacted, cleared of vegetation or sprayed with harsh chemicals, it could benefit from the introduction of beneficial microorganisms with a mycorrhizal inoculant. Plant Success Premium Mycorrhizal inoculants contain not only mycorrhizal fungi, but also beneficial soil bacteria and foods, like seaweed and humic acids, that support a rich and diverse soil microbe community.

Plant Success: Premium Mycorrhizal Inoculants

Indoor and Hydroponic GrowingGreat-White-lineup-plus-display

Hydroponic growers have seen great success by incorporating mycorrhizae into their systems: specifically enhanced yields, enhanced fruiting and flowering and minimizing transplant shock.

Plant Success OrganicsPlant Success Organics

Mycorrhizae are fundamental for superior plant performance, supplying the water and nutrients needed for optimal plant and root development, flowering and fruiting. Plant Success Organics Granular and Soluble mycorrhizae provide a wide spectrum of beneficial soil microbes for most Plant Success Professionalplant types.

Professional Line

Plant Success Professional line provides landscapers with the tools they need to get the job done. Simple and easy to use inoculants for all landscape plants.

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