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Professional Marijuana Grower Book Review – Outdoor Performance Cannabis

Dustin Fraser is one of the most respected cannabis growers in the country. Based in northern California’s famed “Emerald Triangle,” Dustin has pioneered the idea of growing the cannabis plant into a “tree,” that creates maximum yields and the highest quality product.

Outdoor Performance Cannabis is a walk-through of Dustin’s time tested methods in all facets of the industry. Chapters include detailed descriptions, plans and processes for selecting a grow site, garden preparation & set-up, cannabis propagation, watering & fertilizer regiments, plant caging & support, pest control, general care & maintenance for the different stages of plant growth, harvesting and marketing the final product.

This is a well written book that gives valuable insight to a seasoned, professional cannabis grower and yet, is easy-to-understand for a beginning grower as well. Outdoor Performance Cannabis shares Dustin’s techniques and secrets, along with photographs and illustrations, giving the reader a complete guide to growing what the Mendocino County locals call a “Performance Plant.”

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