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PMG July-August Cover Story – Dr Earth Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

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It is during a cannabis plant’s vegetative stage of growth that either a strong or weak foundation is built for the upcoming flowering stage. Cannabis plants build structural integrity throughout the vegetative stage. The structural integrity of a plant plays a key role in determining not only the amount of flower sites, but also the overall yield. Healthy vegetative plants are essential for a successful harvest. Both indoor and outdoor cannabis growers should prioritize supplying their cannabis plants with the proper nutrition to ensure vigorous growth and healthy development during the critical vegetative stage. Many cannabis growers often underestimate the importance of the vegetative stage and focus too heavily on the flowering stage of growth. After all, the flowering stage is when the fruits of a gardener’s labor are achieved and tangible. However, if a cannabis plant hasn’t been given everything it needs during the vegetative stage, it will never produce up to its full potential.

One important factor that contributes to the health and vitality of cannabis plants during the vegetative stage is the nutrition they receive or, more specifically, the available nitrogen. Nitrogen is a basic component of chlorophyll and is associated with the green color of a plant’s leaves. Nitrogen is the main nutrient responsible for vigorous growth; hence its higher concentration in “grow” or “vegetative” base fertilizers. Even though nitrogen makes up a large portion of our atmosphere, plants are unable to absorb it in that form. Instead, plants rely on microbes in the soil to “fix” nitrogen into a form that roots can absorb. Put another way, the source of the organic nitrogen, along with the amount of beneficial microorganisms in the medium, will directly influence a cannabis plant’s development during the vegetative stage. This is why cannabis cultivators looking for the best organic nitrogen fertilizer and other organic gardening products turn to Dr. Earth®.

Dr. Earth’s Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

The Dr. Earth Company has maintained its good reputation among organic horticulturists by providing only the very best in organic gardening products. It comes as no surprise that one of Dr. Earth’s newest additions to its dry fertilizer line, Dr. Earth Nitrogen Fertilizer, is the best 100% organic nitrogen fertilizer available. Unlike other organic nitrogen fertilizers, Dr. Earth’s Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer contains absolutely no chicken manure fillers. Dr. Earth Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer is odor free and comes in pelletized form for easy application. Dr. Earth Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer has a guaranteed analysis of 5-0-2 NPK and is derived from reputable sources of alfalfa meal, feather meal, and potassium sulfate. It is the perfect substitute for chemical lawn fertilizers and, due to its pelletized form and can easily be applied with a spreader. Why Dr. Earth Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer is an amazing lawn care product, cannabis organic purists can also gain huge benefits by incorporating it into their fertilizer arsenals.

Cannabis plants in the vegetative stage need a good source of available nitrogen. Dr. Earth Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer can be mixed in the soil prior to planting or used as a top dress in gardens where plants are already established. This product can be used in container gardens, raised bed gardens, indoor or greenhouse gardens, and outdoor gardens. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this product for cannabis growers is having heightened control over the amount of available nitrogen during the vegetative stage of growth. Not all cannabis plant varieties require identical nutrition. Some varieties may require more or less nitrogen during the vegetative stage. Through experimentation, a cannabis grower can see which varieties perform better when ample nitrogen is provided. An organic nitrogen fertilizer this clean and pure has never before been available to organic cannabis purists. Dr. Earth Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer fills a void in the dry organic fertilizer sector and gives an organic cannabis cultivator an additional tool to help fine-tune his or her crop’s performance. A desire to produce the healthiest and most potent cannabis flowers has convinced many cannabis growers to turn to pure organic gardening products. Organically grown cannabis is not only better for the planet, it is safer to consume and will retain a higher level of terpene and cannabinoids for maximum flavor and potency.

Cannabis Grown Organically

Aside from producing a safer product, cannabis grown organically has another immense benefit: higher potency and better flavors/odors. Cannabis growers understand that what really counts at the end of the day is the actual terpene and cannabinoid content of the flowers. THC and CBD are perhaps the two most sought after cannabinoids and the percentage of these cannabinoids often dictates the value of the finished cannabis flowers. Organically grown cannabis naturally produces higher percentages of terpenes and cannabinoids, including THC and CBD.

Many medicinal and recreational marijuana retailers are required to test their products for contaminates, such as chemical residues from pesticides and/or fertilizers. Cannabis growers who use organic products, like those from Dr. Earth, will never have to worry about failing these tests. Dr. Earth guarantees that absolutely no chemicals are present in any of its products. Along with testing for chemical residues, cannabis retailers also test for cannabinoid content. All cannabis products that test free of chemicals and molds get a clean bill of health for sale. In addition, the products that have higher percentages of the sought after cannabinoids will be considered more valuable. Growing cannabis organically is a sound environmental and moral decision, but it is also the best financial decision. As more dispensaries and state entities implement quality control testing, more and more cannabis gardeners will turn to organic growing techniques. In fact, once a set of standards has been established, I would not be surprised if virtually all cannabis cultivators start growing organically. Not only will organically grown cannabis be the more sustainable option, it will also be more profitable. Cannabis products that pass the chemical residue and mold tests and also have larger percentages of cannabinoids will fetch a higher price and will sell more quickly. There is no better way to ensure a cannabis crop is free of chemicals and will produce a higher percentage of terpenes and cannabinoids than by growing it organically.

“Organic” as a Buzzword

There are too many companies out there using the buzz word “organic” in an attempt to increase their profits. These companies do not care about the environment or the sources of their so-called “organic” products; they only care about profits. The truth is, there are huge differences between organic horticultural products, the organic ingredients being used, and the sourcing of those ingredients. That is why it is so important for a cannabis grower to do his or her own research before purchasing any organic horticultural products. The quality of the products being used in the garden will have a direct impact on the growth rates of the plants and the quality of the cannabis flowers.

Dr. Earth: The Organic Company You Can Trust

Dr. Earth is a company that has always taken organic horticulture seriously and continues to improve and expand its product line to meet the demands of the modern organic grower. When Dr. Earth’s founder, Milo Shammas, added living microorganisms to horticultural products, he completely changed organic horticulture. The addition of microorganisms essentially supercharges organic soils and fertilizers so that they rival the growth rates produced with chemical fertilizers. In other words, this innovation leveled the playing field between organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Thanks to Dr. Earth products, cannabis growers can produce abundant yields of high quality flowers without compromising the health of the grower, the consumer, or the planet. Simply put, Dr. Earth is one organic company that cannabis cultivators can fully trust. The Dr. Earth Company never compromises its sourcing of the highest quality and environmentally friendly products. In fact, all of Dr. Earth’s products are organically certified and come from non-GMO sources. Unlike so many other “organic” garden companies, Dr. Earth has never and will never purchase its ingredients from questionable “organic” sources. Instead, Dr. Earth prides itself on only sourcing the highest quality, non-GMO organic products available. Think of the old adage “you are what you eat” and how it applies to a plant’s diet as well. The quality of a cannabis crop, including flavors and potency, is directly connected to the fertilizers used to cultivate it. When using Dr. Earth products, a horticulturist can rest assured he or she is providing the plants with the very best organic ingredients available.

The Dr. Earth Company understands that organic horticulture is not only the safest and best way to promote healing in individuals, but it is also the best way to promote the healing of our communities and our planet. Dr. Earth doesn’t just use the word “organic” as a buzz word to promote higher profits. Dr. Earth has been, and will continue to be, one of the most innovative and influential organic gardening companies around. The folks at Dr. Earth don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Dr. Earth is the only company to offer a complete 100% organic and non-GMO solution to cannabis growers. It is the only manufacturer to have exclusively certified organic products in every gardening category, including insecticides and herbicides. Dr. Earth is more than just an organic gardening product company, it is a company blazing the trail toward healing our planet. The latest addition to its dry fertilizer line, Dr. Earth Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer, further demonstrates Dr. Earth’s commitment to providing the very best in organic products to any and every type of gardener. For more information, call 707.448.4676, Email or visit

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