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PMG Company Profile – MJ Industrial Partners

Posted December 4th, 2018 by Robin Nichols in ,

MJ Industrial Partners, also referred to as MJIP, is a three-year-old company that focuses on both medical and recreational cannabis cultivation, something that is still a rarity within the growing community. This dual-purpose production has provided plenty of room for growth, as demand for their product is never lacking. Their challenge was to find an economical way to expand their growing area.

MJIP is situated atop the picturesque rolling valleys of Covelo, California. And with their progressive reform on medicinal and recreational marijuana legislation, California is the perfect place to house their cannabis growing operation.

As anticipated, a large increase in production demands within the state meant it was time to expand. Ryan Luper, founder and owner of MJIP, reached out to GrowSpan when he was ready to update their growing facilities and began working with a dedicated GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist to discuss his options. Luper expressed MJIP’s need for an economical solution to their lack of space and based on the feedback he received, he took advantage of the opportunity to expand by purchasing a 28′ wide by 96′ long GrowSpan Gothic Cold Frame.

Ultimately, a cold frame was the best solution based on its superior functionality and cost-effective price point. The structure provides enhanced environmental control, including increased ventilation and reduced humidity, while also extending growing seasons well into colder months. The opportunity to improve efficiency and meet increased demands within the boundaries of their budget made the cold frame the ideal structure for MJIP.

Omeid Tizpa, the VP of Sales & Marketing and New Business Development, acted as project manager for the expansion with help from Jaslynn Luper, the General Operations Manager. Tizpa elected to oversee installation himself, and upon receipt of the order found assembly a breeze with the instructional aid provided.

The cold frame provided exceptional opportunity for MJIP from the beginning, as it allowed the company even more space to expand than originally anticipated. Tizpa said, “I didn’t think I’d be able to grow the amount I produced. It helped me economically produce a larger amount of product in one greenhouse.” His expectations were exceeded when it came time to grow, as the company was able to produce more within one structure than they had ever done before.

According to Tizpa, he was initially hesitant to utilize such a large cold frame due to the issues some structures have with ventilation. However, his concerns were put to rest when he opened the roll-up side walls using the “Twist-of-the-Wrist” feature. The ability to retract sides of the cold frame aids in providing proper ventilation for the plants by combating condensation, a vital factor when growing cannabis, while also exposing sightlines to the expansive views outside. Due to the success of the first expansion, plans are currently in the works to expand their growing room from 27,000 square feet to 88,000 square feet.

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