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PMG January-February Cover Story – The Ez-Pz Planter by The Bucket Company

Posted November 22nd, 2017 by Eric Hopper in

Finding the right planting container for growing marijuana is an important part of the growing process. When growing cannabis indoors the plants will spend their entire lives growing in a container. This is why it is so important to find a high quality planting container with proper drainage and the ability to hold the root system of a fully mature marijuana plant. A planting container is just a piece of plastic, right? Is there really a difference between the assorted planting containers on the market? The answer is a big yes.

There are many different types and styles of planting containers on the market and not all are created equally. Some planters are as basic as a plastic bucket with some holes in the bottom and some planters are more advanced. One business, The Bucket Company, has developed an advanced planting container: the Ez-Pz Planter. This particular planter resembles a complete planter system more than a typical potting container.  Unlike most planting containers on the market, the Ez-Pz Planter is built specifically to meet the strict demands of indoor cannabis cultivators.

The Ez-Pz Planter

The concept of the Ez-Pz Planter was born when the staff at The Bucket Company set out to revolutionize the horticultural industry by restructuring the planting container. They observed that the industry standard was still the outdated practice of using round and barrel-shaped planting containers. Although round and barrel-shaped containers serve a purpose as transitional tools for plants that will eventually end up in the ground, they are far less than ideal for plants that will live their entire life cycles in the planting containers.

Marijuana plants grown indoors will live their entire life cycles in planting containers. The Bucket Company’s mission was to increase production and yields for indoor crops by making advancements to the planting container. They completed this mission with their product, the Ez-Pz Planter. The Ez-Pz Planter is like no other planting container on the market because all of the included features make it the most complete planting container system available.

A True Ten Gallon Planter

Unlike so many other planting containers on the market that are sold as ten gallon containers, but end up holding only a portion of the advertised volume, the Ez-Pz Planter is a true ten gallon planting container. The ten gallon fill line is well below the rim of the container and there is a metric and cubic feet conversion built right into the container, making medium calculations simple and straightforward. The Ez-Pz Planter is also 100% universal and can work with virtually any medium. Soil, stone-wool, lava rocks, coco/coco coir, perlite, vermiculite and other media are all compatible with the Ez-Pz Planter.

The true ten gallon volume also means this container can handle what most growers would consider a mature cannabis plant. In fact, the ten gallon size is one of the most common size containers used for finishing marijuana plants indoors. The Ez-Pz Planter is a square planter with built-in snap buttons on the rim of the container. The different accessories, such as the feeding manifold and spreader arms, snap right to the rim of the container, allowing the grower to further customize his or her planter.

Irrigation Manifold

Included with the Ez-Pz Planter is an irrigation manifold. The irrigation manifold allows the grower to set up an automated irrigation system or to connect to an existing feed/water line. The irrigation manifold snaps onto the planter with the four included irrigation manifold brackets. This makes installing and removing the manifold for plant withdrawal literally a snap. Water is delivered to the top of the medium through four removable/replaceable 360 degree spray heads which screw into the irrigation manifold. The 360 degree sprayers are great because they spread the water/nutrients uniformly; covering the media evenly. Each Ez-Pz Planter also includes a 1/2” x 1/2” double female union ball valve which can be installed without any tools. This ball valve (shut off valve) is connected to the irrigation manifold and allows the grower to regulate or shut off the flow of water to the irrigation manifold. The valve has been rated to 180 psi and is compatible with both 1/2” straight and 1/2” npt (national pipe thread) fittings.

Air Channels and Drainage

Supplying the root mass with oxygen is an essential part of growing cannabis. Without oxygen and proper drainage, the roots of a marijuana plant can develop pathogens, such as root rot, which will hinder growth or, in extreme cases, cause crop failure. The Ez-Pz Planter includes built-in air channels to provide proper drainage and to ensure the root mass receives sufficient oxygen. The Ez-Pz Planter also has a three degree “V” bottom with raised bumps to help keep the container properly drained. The built-in drain located at the base of the container is a 3/4” hole with a grommet that can accept any 1/2” PVC or barbed fitting. The drainage hole is just one example of how The Bucket Company went above and beyond with the innovation included on the Ez-Pz Planter. Most cannabis growers set up their irrigation systems as recirculating systems or as drain to waste systems. Both are possible and straightforward to implement with the Ez-Pz Planter.

Reusable Insert

The Ez-Pz Planter comes with a mesh insert that makes transplanting and clean-up very easy. The inserts are reusable, but they are so inexpensive that some growers discard them after every garden cycle. The insert works wonderfully with the planter to promote healthy roots. Unlike fabric containers that retain some moisture, the mesh inserts have zero water retention. They also have built-in handles for easy transplant and transport and have been tested to hold over 100 pounds.

Extension Arms

Each Ez-Pz Planter comes with eight extension arms. These extension arms snap onto the rim of the planter and can be strategically positioned by the grower to support bamboo or other stakes. Penetrating the root mass with stakes not only causes damage to the roots, but can also hinder growth as the plant works to repair the damage. There is also the possibility of introducing molds or other foreign substances into the media when a stake is driven directly into the medium. The extension arms eliminate the need to penetrate the roots with stakes and prevent any damage that may have been caused. The use of stakes and the extension arms also allow a grower to better “open up” the plants to make more efficient use of the light energy.

Eight Standard Colors and Three Limited Edition Colors

Tired of the same old black or white planting containers? The Ez-Pz Planters are offered in eight different standard colors: hyper red, amber alert (orange), mellow yellow, green monster, blue moon, purple haze, gorilla black and cool gray. In addition to the eight vibrant standard colors, The Bucket Company also offers the Ez-Pz Planters in three Limited Edition colors. The Limited Edition colors include: pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, baby blue for Autism Speaks and sand (brown/tan) for the Wounded Warrior Project. A portion of the profits from the Limited Edition planters go toward their respective foundation. Offering the Limited Edition colors and giving a portion of the profits to the respective foundation are just more examples of how The Bucket Company goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Lighting, ventilation and nutrition are all aspects of indoor horticulture that have undergone major changes and advancements over the past 10-15 years. The Bucket Company realized that even with all the advancements in horticulture, little had been done to advance the planting container. Round or barrel-shaped containers have their place as a transitional tool, but serious marijuana growers need a square container built for full-term growth. The Ez-Pz Planter is equipped to take a marijuana plant through the final stages of growth and includes technological advancements for increased yields. From the snap-on irrigation manifold to the “V” shaped bottom and drainage hole, there is no doubt The Bucket Company has designed the ultimate planting container for automated feeding systems. Customizable, virtually indestructible, and completely reliable, the Ez-Pz Planter is sure to be a popular planting container for serious marijuana growers.

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