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PMG Cover Story – The Rebranding of True Liberty® Bags

Posted November 15th, 2018 by Eric Hopper in

Many cannabis growers consider True Liberty® Bags the ultimate storage solution for their harvests. True Liberty® Bags’ All-Purpose Home and Garden Bags are odor proof, puncture resistant, and made from 100% BPA-free, food-grade nylon. Although highly valued by cannabis growers, True Liberty® Bags are designed to be a versatile product around the home and in the garden. Prized as a useful tool in the kitchen, True Liberty® Bags can be refrigerated, frozen, baked, boiled, or cooked in a rice or slow cooker. They are safe to use directly from the freezer to the oven, which makes them an ideal choice for meats and produce.

Due to the amazing quality of the material’s liquid and odor barrier, these bags preserve the flavors and nutritional values of the food stored within. They have no problem handling fats, oils, or grease at high temperatures, making them ideal for cooking and marinating meats. True Liberty Bags are so versatile they are much more than an “oven bag” or a bag for cooking meats. They are more than capable of providing rain and water-proofing protection for photographic equipment, electronic devices, cigars, cigarettes, and camping, fishing, hunting, biking, boating, or snowboarding gear. In fact, the versatility of True Liberty Bags is one of the main reasons the company has decided to rebrand the product line. In order to better showcase all of the uses for True Liberty Bags, the company is transitioning from bird themed sizing to sizing that is volume based. The cooked bird imagery on the front of the packaging will also be replaced to better illustrate the product’s diversity. For serious cannabis growers (and other gardeners), True Liberty Bags are for so much more than just cooking meats.

True Liberty Bags in the Cannabis Garden

True Liberty Bags are ideal for storing and protecting cannabis and other harvested crops. Dried cannabis will retain its odors and moisture content when stored in True Liberty Bags. These bags are the ultimate storage solution for the final process of cannabis curing. It is a bag with the ability to maintain a low level of humidity while protecting the contents from drying out completely, which is crucial for the later stages of curing. The curing process, or slow drying of the cannabis flowers in a non-permeable container, is crucial for maintaining flavors and the overall quality of the finished product. After the cannabis has been harvested and dried to the desired moisture content, it can be sealed in True Liberty Bags for long-term storage and to complete the final stage of the curing process. A common curing technique is to “burp” the storage container periodically to allow the dried cannabis to “breathe”. This enables the remaining moisture in the flowers to dry very slowly. It is not uncommon for professional cannabis growers to cure their flowers for several months. In most cases, the containers are “burped” once or twice a day initially and then less frequently (once every few days) as the curing process continues. A long, slow curing process will allow the cannabis to retain more of its true flavor and odors.

Other garden uses for True Liberty Bags include soil storage/mixing, storing pollen (for cannabis breeding), and storing/mixing compost (a smelly job without an odor-proof bag). The bags provide an amazing liquid and odor barrier, which means, regardless of what is enclosed in a True Liberty® Bag, it stays sealed. Some cannabis growers even use True Liberty Bags to safeguard crops from freezing or to protect their plants from garden pests. The non-permeable material makes these bags ideal for both fertilizer (dry or liquid) and pesticide storage. They have many potential applications in a cannabis garden and can play an important role in cleanliness, crop preservation, and storage.

True Liberty Bags Sizes

Although the packaging is getting an aesthetic update, the bags are still the same high quality bags as before. The biggest changes will be the names of each bag size and the updated look of the packaging. The new sizes are as follows:

3 Quart Bags                 8” x 16” (formerly Quail Bags)

2 Gallon Bags                         12” x 20” (formerly Chicken Bags)

3 Gallon Bags             18” x 20” (formerly Turkey Bags)

4 Gallon Bags                         18” x 24” (formerly Goose Bags)

Commercial Line

In addition to its smaller bag sizes, there are also four commercial size bags available to provide supreme storage solutions for commercial gardeners.

8 Gallon Bags

The 8 Gallon Bag is one of the new commercial sizes offered. This bag measures 24” x 40” and fit inside a 27 gallon tote bin.

Can Liners (formerly Ostrich Bags)

Another size in the commercial bag line is the Can Liner (previously known as the “Ostrich” size bag). This size liner can be used to line a 20 gallon trash can or a 30 gallon drum. The Can Liner can be used for bulk storage of cannabis flowers or as a liner for storing liquids, such as the nutrient solution for a hydroponic system. The ability to quickly remove a bag and replace it with a new one offers a gardener a fast and simple solution to maintaining the cleanliness of a nutrient reservoir.

Bin Liners

The Bin Liner size bag is made to line a 27 gallon tote bin. This size is very convenient for horticulturists who use 27 gallon totes for the storage of cannabis flowers or trim material. As with the Can Liner, this size can easily be used to store liquid, such as nutrient solution, in a tote bin reservoir.

Drum Liners

Consumer demand is what drove True Liberty Bags to create the ultimate commercial size: the Drum Liner. This size bag lines a 55 gallon drum and can be used to store liquids, food products, biomass, or just about anything that can fit in a 55 gallon drum.


True Liberty Bags have the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges. In fact, the bags and liners are extremely temperature versatile; with a temperature range of -100 degrees F to 400 degrees F (-73 degrees C to 204 degrees C). This means cooking and/or decarboxylation can happen right inside the bag itself. Decarboxylation is the process of converting THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) into THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the psychotropic effect associated with cannabis consumption. However, it takes heat and time to convert the THCA (non-psychoactive cannabinoid) into THC. This is why smoking or baking cannabis “activates” its psychotropic abilities. Many cannabis enthusiasts use decarboxylation as a way to prepare their cannabis for extractions or to maximize the potency of their cannabis. True Liberty Bags offers the ultimate solution to cannabis growers for decarboxylation because the bags can be used for both storage and the decarboxylation process itself.

Commitment to Quality and the Environment

This company believes that everyone influences the good health of individuals and the greater community. That is why, at True Liberty Bags, going above and beyond the standard health and safety requirements just makes sense. This is also why they support the local and global environment. All bags are constructed from FDA-approved, food-grade, BPA-free material and are proudly made in the U.S.A. The True Liberty Bags office, warehouse, shipping, and website have a net-zero carbon footprint due to its continued contributions to

To further reduce its global impact, every effort is made to use recycled materials, including displays, packaging and shipping cartons. Additionally, soy-based inks are used for printing. These inks contain fewer volatile organic compounds, further reducing the company’s environmental impact. Digital files are also used for their affiliates and clientele. This conscientious choice saves time, space, resources, energy, and, most importantly, reduces the overall impact on the environment.

There are few products found in a cannabis garden as versatile as True Liberty Bags. From storing cannabis flowers and trim material to lining a 55 gallon drum for the fastest and most efficient sterilization of a hydroponic reservoir, they are a tool every cannabis grower should employ. After working months to grow and harvest a cannabis crop, the last thing a grower wants to do is botch the curing process. After a 7-14 day drying period, cannabis flowers can be placed into True Liberty Bags for their final cure and long-term storage. A grower who wishes to use decarboxylation can do so without transferring his or her plant material to another container (a process that diminishes quality). All in all, True Liberty Bags are not only a valuable tool to use throughout the growing process to enhance cleanliness and efficiency; they are also the ideal solution for storing, curing, and the decarboxylation of cannabis flowers and trim material.

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