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Cannabis horticulturists go to great lengths to increase the quality and yield of his or her precious crop. Gardeners spend vast sums of money on various gadgets and products that promise better results. As in any other horticultural sector, knowledgeable cannabis growers opt for organic gardening techniques to produce a higher quality finished product that is more valuable. Still, many cannabis growers believe that growing cannabis organically will reduce their yield/returns and that a chemically-based hydroponic system is the only way to compete with commercial growers.

Unfortunately, this type of thinking was tolerated during the time when any and all cannabis was valuable as there were not many growers producing, which lowered supply. In other words, the demand exceeded the supply causing sub-par cannabis products to be overvalued. The imbalance of supply and demand also allowed unscrupulous growers to participate in the marketplace and put profits before people.

Times are Changing

It’s apparent that the prohibition of cannabis will be coming to an end in the near future. There are currently 29 states that have some form of medical marijuana legislation and eight states that have legalized marijuana for adult-use. In states with medicinal or adult-use programs, patients and/or licensed cultivators grow and produce their own cannabis products; which drastically alters the supply and demand of cannabis –  legal and otherwise.

Growers and consumers of cannabis products have more options than ever and are no longer forced to depend on undesirable sources. In fact, some states have begun regulating the safety and testing of cannabis products and most dispensaries supplying cannabis test for various chemicals and/or molds which could be harmful to the consumer. Quality control protocols are being implemented industry-wide and it’s an absolute certainty that in the future all cannabis products sold to medical patients or the public will be thoroughly tested for potency, terpenes, residual chemicals, and pathogens.

Organically Grown Cannabis

The best way a grower can ensure their cannabis crop is free of harmful chemicals is to cultivate organically. Aside from producing a safer and more sustainable product, growing cannabis with organic inputs has another major benefit: a higher quality product. Growers understand that what really matters at the end of the day is the terpene and cannabinoid content of the plant material. Organically grown cannabis naturally produces higher percentages of terpenes and cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. Having elevated levels of THC and CBD content increases the value of the finished product.

Dispensaries and cannabis horticulturists will not only get their products tested for chemicals and molds but for cannabinoid content as well. Cannabis products must test free of chemicals and molds in order to get a clean bill of health for sale/distribution. Products with higher levels of cannabinoids are considered more valuable and can be sold at a higher price. As more dispensaries and states implement quality control testing, more and more cannabis gardeners are turning to organic growing techniques. Why? When done correctly, organically grown cannabis is cleaner, more potent and more profitable. Cannabis products that pass the chemical residue and mold tests with higher levels of cannabinoids are more valuable and liquid.

Not All Organic Gardening Products are Equal

It’s easy to say that organically grown cannabis is superior and all cannabis gardeners should grow organically. However, superior results are not guaranteed just because a gardener grows organically. There are huge differences between organic horticultural products, the organic ingredients being used, and the sourcing of those ingredients. It is very important for a cannabis grower to do their own research before purchasing any organic horticultural products. The quality of the products being used in the garden have a direct impact on the growth rates and the quality of the cannabis. Using premium inputs helps produce a higher quality product.

Dr. Earth®: An Organic Company You Can Trust

Dr. Earth®’s founder, Milo Shammas, is the Godfather of TruBiotic soils and soil amendments. When he added living microorganisms to horticultural products, he completely changed organic horticulture. Perhaps more importantly, he created organic products that rival the growth rates of chemical fertilizers, while simultaneously safeguarding quality and creating a healthy garden for the consumer and the planet. Dr. Earth® takes organic horticulture seriously and has improved and expanded its product line multiple times since inception. All of Dr. Earth®’s products are organically certified and come from Non-GMO sources. Dr. Earth® has never and will never purchase raw materials from questionable “organic” sources. Instead, Dr. Earth® takes pride in sourcing only the highest quality, organic, Non-GMO inputs.

Simply put, Dr. Earth® is a company that’s deeply committed to healing our earth one garden at a time. Dr. Earth® recognizes that organic horticulture is not only the safest and best way to promote healing in individuals, but it is the best way to promote the healing of our planet and communities. Dr. Earth® offers a complete 100% organic and Non-GMO solution for growers. It is also the only manufacturer to have exclusively certified organic products in every category, including insecticides and herbicides. A closer look at Dr. Earth®’s advanced organics will give cannabis cultivators an idea of the unmatched quality of its products.

Dr. Earth® Flower Girl® Bud & Bloom Booster (3-9-4)

Dr. Earth® Flower Girl® Bud & Bloom Booster (3-9-4) is an ultra-premium dry fertilizer specifically formulated to promote ultra-premium bud growth. Flower Girl® Bud & Bloom Booster is CDFA organic; OMRI listed, Non-GMO Project Verified, and comprised of carefully selected high quality OIM (organic input material) ingredients. Dr. Earth® carefully researches the source of each and every ingredient so growers can rest assured they are receiving an organic product that is effective and safe for the planet and their patients. Flower Girl® Bud & Bloom Booster’s spectacular blend of organic nutrients and powerful MycoApply® microbes help promote maximum blooms covered in resin and essential oils. This dry fertilizer can be used in raised beds, in-ground plantings, container gardens, and/or to make a compost tea. Dr.Earth® Flower Girl® Bud & Bloom Booster is People & Pet Safe® and 100% organic.

Dr. Earth® Premium Gold® All Purpose Fertilizer (4-4-4)

Like all Dr. Earth® fertilizers, Premium Gold® All Purpose Fertilizer (4-4-4) is CDFA certified organic, OMRI listed, and Non-GMO Project Verified and is comprised of carefully selected, high quality organic input materials. Premium Gold® All Purpose Fertilizer builds the soil and promotes plant health and disease resistance by providing balanced nutrition. Balanced nutrition is the key to unlocking large harvests for all types of plants in the garden. Cannabis growers can use Dr. Earth® Premium Gold® All Purpose Fertilizer as a base for building the perfect organic soil for growing cannabis. Premium Gold® All Purpose Fertilizer contains powerful MycoApply® beneficial soil microbes that work synergistically with the soil and the plant’s root system to increase overall vigor and structure. Dr. Earth® Premium Gold® All Purpose Fertilizer can be used in containers, raised beds, in-ground plantings, and to make compost tea. Just like Flower Girl®, Premium Gold® All Purpose Fertilizer is People & Pet Safe® and highly effective.

Dr. Earth® Home Grown® Potting Soil

Dr. Earth® Home Grown® Potting Soil is both CDFA certified organic and OMRI listed. Home Grown® Potting Soil is quite possibly the best prepackaged soil for cannabis production on the market due to a plethora of high quality organic ingredients such as alfalfa meal, fish bone meal, kelp meal, and horticultural perlite for optimal drainage. Dr. Earth® Home Grown® Potting Soil also contains select peat moss and is pH buffered near 6.5 for maximizing nutrient uptake. The MycoApply® beneficial soil microbes found in Dr. Earth® brand soils promote explosive root growth which provides a foundation for strong branching and heavy yields. Home Grown® was designed to outperform any other potting soil on earth. Home Grown® Potting Soil is Dr. Earth®’s most advanced and powerful soil.

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Sprays

The most common way growers negatively impact their cannabis crops is by using chemical insect or fungus controls. Many chemical pesticides leave residue on the leaves and flowers which makes them not only unsafe for consumption but also ruins the natural flavors. This is why Dr. Earth® has created an advanced, all organic pest control spray line up coined Final Stop® Sprays. The Final Stop® Sprays are 100% organic and include natural ingredients to control pests, pathogenic fungi, and undesired weeds.

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Yard & Garden

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Yard & Garden Insect Killer is OMRI listed and approved for commercial cannabis production by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). It is all-natural and highly effective at controlling aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, caterpillars, and other pests known to wreak havoc on cannabis crops. Dr. Earth®’s hand-crafted blend of essential oils and organic acids works to kill pests on contact while providing lasting protection. It used to be that, when up against a pest infestation, a cannabis grower had to choose between losing the crop or spraying it with harsh chemicals. With these organic pest and pathogen controls, cannabis growers can rid their gardens of pest insects while still retaining a high quality finished product.

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Disease Control Fungicide

Powdery mildew and bud rot are the two most common pathogens that destroy otherwise heathy cannabis plants. These costly pathogens can be controlled naturally with Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Disease Control Fungicide. Final Stop® Disease Control Fungicide is an effective alternative to the harsh chemicals that leave harmful residuals and other impurities on the plants. Final Stop® Disease Control Fungicide is an OMRI certified spray containing a carefully selected blend of essential oils and organic acids. The specialty blend immediately kills diseases while providing weeks of continued protection. Conscientious cannabis growers know it is important to protect both the plants and those who consume the cannabis.

Growers do not need to spend vast sums of money to produce a high quality and marketable product. With companies like Dr. Earth®, cannabis growers have the option of purchasing high quality, 100% organic products at affordable prices. Organically grown cannabis is healthier and safer for the grower, the consumer, and the planet. It is also a higher quality and more valuable product. All in all, organic cannabis is highly marketable and growing organically is quickly becoming more lucrative than the alternative. The choices we make as growers contribute to the overall health of our plants, people, and our planet.

There is no other company in the cannabis industry as passionate about producing 100% certified organic and Non-GMO products as Dr. Earth®. As chemical and mold testing becomes more commonplace in the cannabis industry, we will witness the extinction of growers who put profits before people and quantity before quality. The organic horticultural revolution is upon us and Dr. Earth® is paving the path for cannabis growers to follow.

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