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PMG Cover Story – Hormex Rooting Powder

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There are many factors that influence the successful cloning of cannabis plants. At the forefront is the consistency of the atmospheric conditions. Temperature, humidity, CO2 and lighting all play important roles when propagating cannabis clones. Aside from the environmental conditions, there is another vital factor that cannabis growers can focus on to increase not only the percentage of clones to successfully take root but also the speed at which the clones develop roots. This vital factor is the rooting hormone. Rooting hormones are available in several different forms, including liquid, gel and powder. One rooting powder in particular has become quite popular among cannabis growers. That rooting hormone is Hormex Rooting Powder.

Hormex Rooting Powder

Gary Brooker, Ph.D., the son of a landscape architect/professional horticulturist, formulated what is now known as Hormex Vitamin B1 and Hormone Concentrate. As a young organic chemist with significant horticultural experience, Gary identified the need for a highly effective growth hormone solution that would accelerate plant growth, effectively stop transplant shock and assist in plant propagation. During his research, Gary also discovered that commercial rooting compounds did not help the cuttings create roots fast enough or with consistency. Nurseries and plant enthusiasts were not experiencing satisfactory plant growth and/or propagation. They were losing plants due to transplant shock and needed to improve their propagation yields and consistency.

Gary stepped up to this challenge and developed Hormex Rooting Powders. Gary and his brother, Steven, started with a small production and eventually outgrew the operation as the horticultural world discovered the amazing results from these formulations. Hormex Rooting Powder is now offered in five different strengths to ensure the perfect level of accelerated root growth, regardless of the plant variety being cloned. Gary and Steven first developed strengths 1, 3, 8, and 16. Later, they added strength 30 for the propagation of very difficult plants, such as hardwood cuttings.

Hormex Rooting Powder provides an anti-fungal property due to its proprietary “hormogenized” formulation. Only Hormex is “hormogenized.” This exclusive process ensures consistent plant growth and helps prevent stem or root rot in tender cuttings. Hormex Rooting Powders contain higher levels of effective ingredients than other commercially available rooting hormone products, which is why so many professional and hobbyist gardeners are using Hormex. It is designed to be used in any medium, including hydroponic media, and can also be used for air layering and grafting. It needs to be mentioned that Hormex Rooting Powder does not contain unnecessary fillers or additives, such as dyes, alcohol, or preservatives. Growers using Hormex can rest assured that their plants are receiving only the ingredients they need to produce healthy, vibrant roots. In order to meet the needs of any size garden, Hormex Rooting Powder is available in 4 g, 3/4 oz, 1 lb, 6 lb, 12 lb, and 50 lb sizes (4 g, 3/4 oz, and 1 lb are available online).

Advantages of Powder vs. Gel

Many marijuana growers have experimented with gel rooting hormone products. Although hormone gels can work to promote new root growth, there are some distinct advantages of using a Hormex powder rooting hormone verses a gel form rooting hormone. First, and foremost, a gel rooting hormone has the tendency to coat the entire base of a cutting. This can actually impede oxygen reaching the critical places where new root shoots will form. In fact, a grower who uses a gel rooting hormone product is more likely to have “saggy” cuttings or those that develop root rot. Hormex Rooting Powder ensures that the cutting’s stem has access to the proper amount of oxygen it needs.

Another advantage of Hormex Rooting Powder is speed. Many growers experience faster root initiation when using Hormex Rooting Powder compared with a root hormone gel. One aspect of cloning that is often overlooked is the speed at which the cuttings root. Speed is a huge factor in successful cloning because the faster a cutting roots, the faster it can be moved to the vegetative stage of growth. This is so important because the optimal conditions for rooting clones are also conducive to many pathogens. The relatively warm temperatures and high humidity used to promote rooting in clones are also an open invitation for unwanted fungi and molds. In other words, the longer a cutting stays in the “cloning” stage, the longer it is subjected to conditions where pathogens might take hold. The faster a clone can create roots and be moved to the next stage of growth, the less likely it will be affected by a pathogen.

Hormex Rooting Powder Strength Guide

One of the most impressive features of Hormex Rooting Powder is that it is available in different strengths. Each strength has a particular percentage of the active hormone ingredient IBA (indole-3-butyric). It is this auxin (plant hormone) along with its proprietary formulation process that gives Hormex Rooting Powder its power to promote consistent and fast rooting. The varying strengths mean a grower can customize his or her rooting powder to the particular plant species they are propagating. In fact, Hormex offers a complete Rooting Powder Strength Guide on its website ( Growers can use this guide to find the recommended Rooting Powder strength that corresponds with the plant variety they are trying to propagate. For cannabis growers, Rooting Powders #8 and #16 are recommended. Ultimately, finding the appropriate strength rooting powder will result in faster rooting and healthier plants.

About the Company

Since Hormex’s inception, it has consistently increased distribution and fulfillment throughout the world. Hormex prides itself on excellent customer service and providing products made with only the highest quality ingredients. Decades have passed since Gary Brooker formulated the first Hormex product and they are still providing the very best in plant hormone formula’s worldwide.

Finding the right rooting hormone can make a world of difference in cloning cannabis. Hormex Rooting Powder provides all of the distinct advantages of a powder hormone product, including better access to oxygen for the newly emerging roots. The different strengths available make it the most versatile product line of rooting hormones. No matter what plant variety a horticulturist is trying to clone, he or she will be able to find the appropriate hormone strength. For cannabis growers, a quality rooting hormone can be the keystone to a smoothly operating perpetual garden. Considering the quality of the ingredients used, the versatility of the product, and the customer service provided by the company, serious marijuana growers searching for the ultimate root initiating/stimulating hormone need look no further than Hormex Rooting Powders.

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