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PMG Cover Story – Regen-A-Root by CX Horticulture

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One aspect of marijuana plant nutrition that is commonly overlooked by growers is root stimulation and development. As the old saying goes, “out of sight is out of mind” and this couldn’t be truer for many cannabis growers. After all, a grower rarely sees the root mass so it is easy to neglect. However, the root mass of a cannabis plant is the foundation for healthy plant growth, nutrient uptake and structural integrity. When the root masses of a marijuana crop are stimulated and kept healthy, the plants will be less likely to experience pathogens or slowed growth rates during times of stress, such as excess heat.

With a hydroponic garden, healthy root masses are imperative for nutrient uptake, but are also important to keep the hydroponic system operating trouble-free. Root problems in any type of hydroponic system or garden will slow growth rates and decrease yields. Instead of chasing his or her tail when it comes to the root health of the marijuana plants, a horticulturist should be proactive and include a powerful and effective root stimulator in the garden’s nutrient regiment. One of the most advanced and effective root stimulators on the market is Regen-A-Root by CX Horticulture.


Regen-A-Root is a hormone-free rooting additive designed to promote and sustain healthy roots and new root production. Regen-A-Root can be used from the beginning to the end of a cannabis plant’s growing cycle. Unlike hormone-based root additives, Regen-A-Root enables the plant to control its own energy and regulate the ratio between root cells and plant cells. Artificial hormone-based stimulators interrupt this important natural process and can force the plant to put energy into the root zone when it should be putting that energy toward stem and leaf growth. In other words, when an artificial hormone-based product changes the way a plant regulates its energy, it can result in a sacrifice of growth and, eventually, yield. Regen-A-Root ensures marijuana plants still get the same aggressive root growth when compared to using a hormone-based product, but without sacrificing the growth above the soil.

Regen-A-Root is the only hormone-free root stimulator that can and should be used during the flowering stage of growth as well as the vegetative and cloning stages. Because it only contains the precursors to plant hormones, the plant is able to regulate and react depending on its own needs. During the vegetative stage, Regen-A-Root promotes robust root development along with lush top growth. In the flowering stage, it helps prevent disease and keeps the plant’s root tips active which allows effective uptake of bloom enhancing elements during the crucial final stages of flower development. Regen-A-Root is also a great root stimulator for cloning and can be used with traditional cloning methods or with more automated methods, such as clone machines.

Regen-A-Root is compatible with virtually every other plant additive and fertilizer on the market and can used in any grow medium and any re-circulating hydroponic system. Regen-A-Root has the ability to not only provide aggressive root and top growth simultaneously but also to repair and regenerate roots damaged by disease. Moreover, if you grow with any type of re-circulating hydroponics system, another benefit of Regen-A-Root is that it contains no salts, is fully soluble and will never clog hydroponic feed lines.

Many cannabis growers are concerned with adverse flavors or health issues associated with hormone-based rooting products. Regen-A-Root will not add any undesirable flavor to cannabis flowers and, because it is hormone-free, there is no concern when using it for high value medicinal plants. In fact, when used throughout the life cycle of marijuana plants, Regen-A-Root only enhances the growth and natural flavor of the particular strain.

About CX Horticulture

The folks at CX Horticulture do not take a stand on whether organic or conventional fertilizers are the best, but rather focus on developing products that outperform all others on the market. Put another way, CX Horticulture is only concerned about what works best for growing cannabis plants. CX Horticulture is right on the cutting edge of a new system of crop nutrition called Fusion Nutrition Technology. Fusion Nutrition Technology essentially takes the best from both conventional crop production and organic horticulture and combines them. When developing products, CX Horticulture keeps its focus on the end user. The goal is to give a grower the tools they need to grow bigger, healthier plants that will produce abundant yields harvest after harvest. CX Horticulture is continually making incremental improvements to its nutrition system as new discoveries regarding crop production are made by research institutions. It is CX Horticulture’s ability to implement these incremental improvements in a timely manner that makes it the world leader in controlled environment crop production.

CX Horticulture employs both agronomists and chemists and is the only specialist hydroponic product manufacturer to do so. The agronomists determine parameters in terms of the best crop production for the chemists to work with. Working together they develop the very best approaches to crop nutrition and health. The special growth system, known as Fusion Nutrition Technology, is sure to be a major influence on the future of marijuana plant production.

Aside from Regen-A-Root, CX Horticulture offers a wide variety of base nutrients and plant additives. Each product is developed under the same principal of producing the very best for plant growth with the end user in mind. Cultivated over decades of experience, their product line is the result of scientific research and replicated trial work in a multitude of environments. The ability of their agronomic team to conduct specialist trial work is unmatched within the indoor gardening industryCX Horticulture supplies all of the products needed by a cannabis grower to take his or her plants from clone to flower with one of the most advanced nutrition systems available.

Final Thoughts

In order to produce large yields of high quality buds, marijuana growers should pay as much attention to the nutrition for the root masses of their plants as other aspects of plant nutrition. Using rooting products that contain artificial hormones can interrupt natural processes within the plant and can inadvertently hinder plant growth. Cannabis growers who are looking for a high performance root enhancer should look no farther than Regen-A-Root by CX Horticulture. It is a cost effective, hormone-free root stimulator designed to be used throughout the life cycle of a marijuana plant. From speeding up the development of healthy roots in the cloning stage to protecting the roots from disease in the flowering stage, Regen-A-Root adds benefit to a cannabis crop during all stages of growth.

Medical cannabis growers who are concerned with the safety of artificial hormones can rest assured that

Regen-A-Root will never compromise the quality or safety of the finished product. Regen-A-Root is the result of Fusion Nutrition Technology; the concept that puts finding what works best to grow plants as the top priority. Simply put, Regen-A-Root is the product for marijuana growers who want the most advanced and effective root additive on the market. It also allows them use a hormone free product without sacrificing top growth and heavy yields for extensive root systems.

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