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New Search App Offers Unbiased Results

Nichols Publishing Company, the publishers of Professional Marijuana Grower and NUGL have entered a partnership that offers a new technology to the cannabis industry. is a search app that offers unbiased search results for the cannabis industry. Acting like the LinkedIn for the cannabis industry, this new app is available in your app store – Android or Apple – allows for not simply location-based queries about the professional service providers, dispensaries and potential employees to help grow your business, but also includes an unbiased user-rating system to facilitate real communication between the people actually involved in the cannabis industry.  The unique B2B app serves as a networking tool for brands and services within the cannabis industry to connect and grow their business.

Unlike other apps NUGL’s easy upload lets users post their business for all to see and rate, while letting them share vital company information without the confines of entering a zip code to find what you’re looking for or to be found yourself. Its use of consumer and B2B search parameters under one umbrella creates a space that allows all levels of the cannabis industry to easily communicate about their needs, how to fill them and how to find valuable industry information.

The cannabis industry has evolved and the need for professional service providers and greater inventories of crop, manpower, land and other supporting businesses and individuals has grown and will continue to grow. NUGL offers a comprehensive one-stop and convenient space for the cannabis community to find information in an easy-to-use no-nonsense platform. For more information and a free test drive visit For advertising inquiries call 563.557.7571 or email

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