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PMG Cover Story – Terpinator® by Rhizoflora

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Terpenes are defined as a large and diverse class of organic compounds that are produced by plants. Their purpose is to attract pollinators or to deter pest insects and/or herbivores. Since cannabis plants are wind pollinated, it is safe to assume that the terpenes created are for protection against pest insects and/or herbivores. The terpene profile of a cannabis plant determines the plant’s unique odors, flavors and potency. It is not a single terpene, but rather a combination of many terpenes that are responsible for a plant’s unique characteristics. For example, when a dried marijuana bud is squeezed or a jar of freshly cured cannabis flowers is opened, the aroma that fills the air can be attributed to the terpenes and terpenoids. Along with cannabinoids, terpenes and terpenoids are compounds sought after by cannabis cultivators. Terpinator® by Rhizoflora is a product that aims to enhance terpene production unique to each genetic cultivar in cannabis plants.


Terpinator® was developed for one purpose: to boost terpene production and enhance the terpene profiles of cannabis strains. Don’t be fooled by knock-offs or products that simply cover up natural profiles; Terpinator® is the original cannabis terpene enhancer. Terpinator® is a specialty nutrient additive made from a specific blend of all-natural plant extracts which help encourage terpene production in plants. The plant extracts used in Terpinator® stimulate a plant’s natural processes to help maximize the amount of terpenes produced. An increase in terpene production leads to more than just odoriferous flowers and sticky buds. The increased production of terpenes, terpenoids, and plant oils also adds to a cannabis plant’s overall potency. All in all, the use of Terpinator® generates a three-fold enhancing effect that stimulates an increase in aromas, flavors, and potency.


Terpenes are directly responsible for the aromas and odors of a cannabis plant. The distinct odors for a specific strain are attributed to that particular terpene profile. Terpinator® enhances a cannabis plant’s natural terpene profile to bring about more powerful aromas and increased concentrations of terpenes. In other words, when using Terpinator®, a skunky cannabis strain will smell even skunkier and a fruity/citrusy cannabis strain will smell even fruitier and/or display a more pungent citrus scent.


Flavonoids, which are produced in the head of the trichome, influence flavors during consumption. Terpinator® maximizes a cannabis plant’s ability to produce and store flavonoids which are released during consumption. As with the naturally occurring aromas or odors of the plant, Terpinator® will enhance the naturally occurring flavors of the particular cannabis strain.


Terpinator® increases the carrying capacity of trichomes on the plant, allowing the plant to produce and store more of the valuable compounds needed for terpene or terpenoid production. The “entourage effect” is a phenomenon that occurs when the combination of the increased terpenes or terpenoids combined with THC or other cannabinoids actually increases the effect or potency upon consumption. This effect was first mentioned in 1998 by Robert Mechoulam and S. Ben-Shabat. The ability to create and store more valuable compounds facilitates the higher production of secondary metabolites and/or plant oils, which also increases the overall potency and creates a unique effect for each strain.  

Potassium in Terpinator®

Terpinator® is able to enhance aromas, flavors, and potency due to its unique ingredients. In addition to the proprietary formulation of all-natural plant extracts, Terpinator® contains enough potassium to help regulate the enhanced production of terpenes. The potassium contained in Terpinator® is ultimately the regulator that enables the all-natural, plant-based terpene promoting extracts to do their magic. Most cannabis growers understand that potassium is an important macronutrient for proper growth and flower development. However, many gardeners still underestimate the need to provide the plants with a consistent and reliable source of potassium. A plant uses potassium during every stage of its life cycle; from seed germination to vegetative growth to flowering and fruiting. There is no doubting that potassium is an essential element for plant growth. The fact that potassium is the K in N-P-K illustrates its importance in a balanced fertilizer regiment.

However, potassium has some unique qualities when compared with its N-P-K counterparts nitrogen and phosphorus. Unlike nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium does not become part of any plant component. Potassium is stored in the plant’s cellular cytoplasm and sap. This means, to maintain optimal growth rates and to maximize terpene production, potassium must be provided to a plant during all stages of growth. Potassium is also responsible for regulating water and CO2 through osmoregulation of the plant’s stomata and is essential for the active transport process (ATP). The potassium found in Terpinator® is not only crucial to enhancing terpene production, but it also encourages healthy development in virtually all other stages of the plant’s life cycle.

How Terpinator® Works

Terpinator®’s formulation (0-0-4) increases the terpene and terpenoid concentrations in plants by providing the necessary building blocks for improving the natural processes of production. Using the natural process of osmoregulation, Terpinator® can travel into areas of the epidermal plant cell layers via pre-existing biological pathways. There it can be readily available and stored until needed by the plant. As trichome structures begin to form, secondary metabolites (such as plant oils and terpenes) are produced in glandular sites fueled by the stored Terpinator®. As more trichomes are produced, more glandular sites appear and begin actively producing more secondary metabolites, which results in a higher storage capacity as well as an increase in overall production. Essentially, the stored Terpinator® allows the plant to create more glandular sites. The more sites there are, the higher the overall production of terpenoids and plant oils. When more plant oils and terpenes are present in the plant, the plant itself and the dried or cured product will be more fragrant, potent, and flavorful.

How To Use Terpinator®

Terpinator® was developed to be compatible with virtually any existing nutrient regiment. It has a neutral pH, low PPM, contains no plant growth regulators or heavy metals, and can be used in both soil or hydroponics. Although the peak terpene production for cannabis plants is during the later stages of flower development, Terpinator® can be used during the entire life cycle of the plant, utilizing Terpinator in the growth phase encourages early trichome and gland site development. When using Terpinator®, cannabis growers can expect strong, fragrant aromas during fruiting and flowering, as well as an increase in glandular sites. In other words, it not only enhances a trichome’s ability to hold vital compounds, it also stimulates the production of more trichomes.

In addition to a garden’s yield, there are three other features cannabis growers are always trying to increase: odor, flavor, and potency. As the demand for unique craft-cannabis strains increases, growers are going to rely on the odor, flavor, and potency of their finished products to differentiate themselves from other gardeners. Increasing trichome and terpene production is the best way for a cannabis grower to get the most out of his or her given strain and improve market value of their final product. Setting your brand of cannabis apart from the rest with improved potency, flavor, and aromatics is a must in today’s flooded market, and Terpinator® by Rhizoflora is the most trusted terpene enhancer on the market for a reason: it works. The blend of all-natural plant extracts and potassium are beneficial throughout all stages of growth. That being said, cannabis growers who give Terpinator® a try will not only see a difference in the later stages of flowering, but will also smell and, eventually, taste the difference. Once a cannabis grower tries Terpinator® in his or her garden, the full potential of the cannabis plants will be realized.

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