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PMG Product Review – The ÆssenseGrows Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm-72

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In recent years, automated hydroponic growing systems have allowed cannabis growers to increase production with enhanced efficiency. There is one company in particular that continues to lead the industry in designing and manufacturing the most advanced automated systems for cannabis cultivation; that company is ÆssenseGrows. ÆssenseGrows specializes in software based automation systems which allow growers to remotely monitor and control just about every aspect of their growing systems.

The ÆssenseGrows’s automation platform is comprised of three major components: the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm for cloning and vegetative growth, the Ætrium-4 for blooming, and the Guardian Grow Manager automation software. ÆssenseGrows’s ag-tech equipment provides the inherent benefits of aeroponics (the most efficient and effective delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the roots), but with the added benefits of complete automation thanks to the Guardian Grow Manager software. The Guardian Grow Manager automation software, combined with an ÆssenseGrows grow system, provides an easy, seamless path to consistent, repeatable, high-yield results. ÆssenseGrows’s Ætrium grow systems utilize the precision of controlled aeroponic growth and enable horticulturists to produce 40% more yield in the same space as growing in soil. 

The ÆssenseGrows Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm

The foundation of every perpetual cannabis garden is a regular supply of healthy, rooted clones and vegetative plants. Without a steady stream of clones and vegetative plants, there is a break in production in the blooming room. This is why it is so important for cannabis growers to be able to consistently and continuously produce healthy, fresh stock. ÆssenseGrows’s latest development in automated cannabis growing systems, the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm-72, allows professional growers to consistently and continuously produce large quantities of healthy rooted clones and/or vegetative plants.

The Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm-72 is a four layer, vertically stacked, high-density, 72-tray automated cloning and/or early vegetative growing system designed for high-volume cultivators. In fact, this new product allows for 50% more clone production than previous versions. With the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm-72 horticulturists can steadily produce high volumes of clones (roughly 4,500 per 10 day cycle) or large quantities of 12 inch vegetative plants (roughly 2,250 per cycle). The Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm-72 is the perfect growing solution for commercial cannabis growers, who require large quantities of clones or vegetative plants for their bloom rooms, or for those who specialize in selling rooted clones and/or vegetative plants to other growers.

The dimensions of the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm-72 are 5’3.5” wide, 23’ long, and 8’8” inches tall. The unit is shipped in a containerized palette and requires some IKEA-like assembly upon delivery. After the grower has done the basic assembly and connected the pipes, a representative from ÆssenseGrows can be commissioned to check the system to make sure all of the pipes, sensors, lighting, and networking are operational. When everything is up and running, the controls are handed over to the grower and he or she can operate the unit using the Guardian Grow Manger automation software dashboard. If desired, a cultivator can allow the folks at ÆssenseGrows to remotely audit or review the system operation through a secure connection. This is just another example of how ÆssenseGrows goes above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction with its products. In addition to the 72-tray size, the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm system is also available in 24- and 48-tray configurations.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of an Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm system is that it puts the horticulturist in control of their own destiny. When clones are purchased from a supplier, there is a chance that those clones have health issues or are contaminated with a pest or insect infestation. This is not only extremely frustrating for the grower, but it is also very costly. With unhealthy or damaged stock, a grower may spend the majority of his or her precious time trying to rectify problems, instead of concentrating his or her efforts on producing abundant yields. Taking control of the clone and vegetative plant production means a grower can rely on his- or herself for healthy clones, instead of a supplier. With an Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm, the horticulturist is able to start a grow plan and the machine practically takes care of itself.

Each layer of the SmartFarm includes its own energy efficient, cool-running LED light panels, full coverage irrigation, sensor monitoring, and wireless notifications. The lighting panels provide high intensity full spectrum white light with PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) levels greater than 300 umols/m2/s with 0-100% dimming. The lighting systems are also remotely accessible and controlled by the Guardian Grow Manager automation software. Throughout the entire clone and/or grow process, the automated sensing and dynamic dosing of the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm manages a grower’s entire nutrient recipe and lighting requirements, resulting in the most consistent results possible. Essentially, the machine makes for the most efficient use of lighting, nutrients, and oxygen to the roots. In this case, the heightened efficiency not only provides consistent results, but also a higher return on investment overall for the grower.

Consistent Results

The consistent growth produced with the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm can be attributed to the previously mentioned Guardian Grow Manager automation software. It is the Guardian Grow Manager automation software that gives the horticulturist remote access and control over the lighting, nutrient grow recipes, irrigation schedules, environmental control, and operator task management directly from a computer or smart phone.

The sensors and software monitor the ingredients of the grower’s cannabis vegetative/cloning recipe and, teamed with the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm, can adjust the ingredients when necessary to maintain the optimal balance. The Guardian Grow Manager effectively maintains and executes the grow plan by managing and logging all of the dosing and management of the growing equipment. All sensor and environmental tracking can be backed up on the Amazon cloud (AWS). The Guardian Grow Manager allows a grower to monitor CO2, humidity, NPK, pH, temperature, and the water level and will even clean the system with hydrogen peroxide to reduce the likelihood of pathogens. When additional supplies are needed, the nutrient dosing controls are conveniently positioned at one end of the stacked towers for easy access and quick refills. All recipes can be adjusted on an individual basis to optimize nutritional requirements for particular strains or stages of growth.

About the Company

The folks at ÆssenseGrows set out to create the most efficient and effective fully automated growth system that would allow horticulturists to produce the safest, cleanest, and most sustainable food or medicine on the planet. Æssense stands for the “essence of agriculture”. In order to produce the most effective and efficient growing system solutions, ÆssenseGrows reduced the agricultural process to its purest “essence”. ÆssenseGrows’s Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm and Ætrium-4 are examples of efficient, fully automated grow systems that help elevate horticulturists to the next level. Cannabis cultivators aren’t the only ones taking notice of ÆssenseGrows’s technological breakthroughs. The Fortune 500 company, Cisco, recently selected an ÆssenseGrows aeroponic system to provide fresh produce for its smart city in Guangzhou, China.

For commercial cannabis growers, few things are as important as having access to a consistent supply of

healthy clones and vegetative plants. When using an Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm-72, a horticulturist can automatically produce a large number of rooted clones or healthy vegetative plants. Whether it is to produce healthy stock for his or her own garden or to become a supplier of clones and vegetative plants to other growers, commercial cultivators can bank on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm-72. Until now there has not been an automated system that could produce such a high volume of clones and/or vegetative plants with so little effort. Once assembled, a cultivator can simply hook up water and power and the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm is ready to operate. Continuous monitoring of nutrient levels, pH, atmospheric conditions, and lighting allows the grower to observe and control just about every aspect of their garden right from a mobile device. Never before has large-scale plant production been so straightforward. It’s no wonder a leading independent investment bank, Ackrell Capital, selected ÆssenseGrows as one of the firm’s top 100 private cannabis companies for 2018. Its innovative products for automated cannabis cultivation have propelled it to the front of the pack and its latest product, the Ætrium-2.1 SmartFarm-72, is no exception.

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