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PMG July-August Cover Story

Dr Earth Nitrogen Fertilizer

It is during a cannabis plant’s vegetative stage of growth that either a strong or weak foundation is built for the upcoming flowering stage. Cannabis plants build structural integrity throughout the vegetative stage. The structural integrity of a plant plays a key role in determining not only the amount of flower sites, but also the overall yield. Healthy vegetative plants are essential for a successful harvest. Both indoor and outdoor cannabis growers should prioritize supplying their cannabis plants with the proper nutrition to ensure vigorous growth and healthy development during the critical vegetative stage. Many cannabis growers often underestimate the importance of the vegetative stage and focus too heavily on the flowering stage of growth. After all, the flowering stage is when the fruits of a gardener’s labor are achieved and tangible. However, if a cannabis plant hasn’t been given everything it needs during the vegetative stage, it will never produce up to its full potential. More…

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