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PMG Product Review – Big Time Product Line by Apogee Garden Products

Posted January 8th, 2016 by Eric Hopper in

Once a horticulturist has figured out the basics of gardening, he or she will start to look for products, methods, or techniques that will boost the garden to the next level. The most successful growers take years to “dial-in” their systems and are continually looking for ways to improve. By testing various products and techniques in the garden, a grower can systematically determine what works best. There are some manufacturers who understand the evolution of horticulture and, therefore, continue to create products which aid horticulturists in their quests for optimal gardens.

Apogee Garden Products, out of Santa Rosa, California, has created a line of microbial products called Big Time which are specifically designed to optimize a garden’s performance and protect high value crops from potentially deadly pathogens and pests. All the Big Time products are 100% Natural/Organic and Manufactured in California, using locally sourced ingredients. These products are designed by experienced growers who know what it takes to bring out a garden’s full potential. The Big Time product line contains all the tools needed to protect and transform a functioning garden with average harvests into a thriving garden with bountiful yields.

Big Time Enzyme

Enzymes are catalysts; which means they help to accelerate chemical reactions. In many cases, the presence of enzymes means these chemical reactions will occur thousands of times faster than without an enzyme being present. The enzymes in Big Time Enzyme are specific to the chemical reactions which happen in and around the plant’s root mass. The use of Big Time Enzyme equates to faster nutrient uptake and more complete use of the nutrients present in the soil or medium. These special enzymes also help to break down dead or dying organic matter that could harbor pathogenic organisms, and vector harmful pests and disease. Some of the enzymes found in Big Time Enzyme stimulate the plant’s natural defense mechanisms and this makes the plant more resistant to fungal or bacterial diseases.

Big Time Exterminator

Most horticulturists will eventually have to deal with pathogenic insects or fungi. An insect infestation or fungal attack can completely wipe out an otherwise healthy garden in a matter of a few days. Spider mites, Broad mites, and powdery mildew are probably the most common garden plagues but there are plenty of insects and fungi that can wreak havoc on otherwise healthy crops.

When experiencing an insect infestation or fungal attack, it is extremely important for a gardener to act quickly. One of the safest ways a grower can effectively treat an insect infestation or fungal attack is with Big Time Exterminator. Big Time Exterminator is designed to kill all hard bodied insects and soft bodied insects. Big Time Exterminator also kills and prevents molds and mildews. Big Time Exterminator’s proprietary formula may be used on organic crops and will break down to inert within 48 hours of application. In other words, this product may be safely used up until the day of harvest. Big Time Exterminator will leave no residual odor or taste.

Big Time Roots

Big Time Roots is both an innoculant/bio-protectant and bio-stimulant. This root formula contains seven different strains of beneficial bacteria specific to aiding healthy root development. The bacteria found in Big Time Roots automatically boost the amount of available nutrients in the grow media, prevent the colonization of harmful microbes, and boost plants natural defense mechanisms improving tolerance and resistance to pathogenic fungi, bacteria and insects. The beneficial bacteria strains found in Big Time Roots are bacterial strains that can establish quickly which means results will be seen almost immediately. Big Time Roots naturally improves the health of the soil or medium which, in turn, provides a foundation for healthy root development.

Big Time Rinse

Flushing or rinsing products can be used throughout the growing process to ensure a hydroponic system or medium stays clear of unwanted salt build up. Using Big Time Rinse weekly for maintenance purposes will ensure a hydroponic system’s pumps and feed lines will not clog up. Big Time Rinse can also be used to help revive plants that are experiencing nutrient lockout by flushing the excess salts from the soil or medium. This process could save a plant that would otherwise perish. But perhaps the most important use of a flushing product like Big Time Rinse is right before harvest time. Big Time Rinse contains proprietary salt reduction agents which remove nitrates, phosphates, and potassics from the grow medium, forcing the plants to utilize all stored starches, nitrates, phosphates and potassics which otherwise would leave foul flavors in fruits or veggies if not removed. Gardeners who wish to taste their fruits and vegetables, and not their fertilizers, should use Big Time Rinse at the end of the growing cycle.

Big Time Liquid Bio-Char

Big Time Bio Char is produced from carbon footprint of lignin plant matter. Bio-char has been praised by horticulturists for its incredible ability to increase fertility in a soil or medium. Big Time Bio-char is in liquid form which means it is that much easier to supply the plants with this powerful amendment at any time throughout the growing process. The biggest benefit of Big Time Bio-char is its ability to encourage beneficial biology and enhance the overall condition of the soil or medium. There is no doubt that bio-char will have a significant impact on the future of horticulture. The fact that Big Time Bio-char is in liquid form make this product unique and desirable among horticulturists.

In addition to meeting the needs of demanding growers, the Big Time line up has been welcomed by retail store owners, distributors  and commercial operations as a high performance, cost effective, turnkey, alternative to other, more expensive products. All of the products in the Big Time line are available in one quart to 275 gallon tote sizing, have dilution rates in the 1-5ml per gallon range, can be custom formulated to commercial specifications and are available for drop shipment anywhere in the US and Canada. Says CEO Jason Smith,“ We know that today’s modern gardening store and commercial agricultural producers  are operating on tight margins and competition can be fierce. Being able to offer unique products that maintain market value, while meeting the performance demands and budget of the end user is the name of the game. We allow the retail store to maintain the customer relationship – while we provide the back end product and logistical support to the store owners/operators offering commercial services to their larger customers.”

Horticulturists who are continually upgrading and enhancing their gardens by experimenting with high quality products, like the Big Time product line, are the ones who will be ahead of the curve. Hobbyists and commercial growers alike can reap the rewards of the Big Time product line and in the process get their gardens one step closer to perfection. It is one thing to be a competent gardener but when you combine knowledge with effective products, you become a master grower. Like its name suggests, the Big Time product line is meant to take an average garden and elevate it to the big time.

The Big Time line of products is available through these distributors: Hydrofarm, Sparetime Supply, Gardening Unlimited, Deep Roots Hydroponics, Santa Rosa Hydroponic and Sureman LLC.

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